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Are you an independent sales contractor and marketing consultant?

Do you have a relationship with scores of clients who look to you for marketing advice and solutions to increase their inquiries and sales? Are you interested in becoming a value-added reseller of information systems solutions?

We have intelligent, profitable Internet solutions for you to deliver to your clients. We do the work, you do the account management and sales. In some cases, you (or your associates) do the work at competitive rates from $50 to $100+ per hour

We provide turnkey infrastructure for you to deliver Advertising Infrastructure on the web to your clients. Do as much or as little of the actual work as you’d like yourself.

brands our Web Design, Production, Programming, Hosting and Internet Marketing Capabilities for you. We can do the same under your brand, allowing you to deliver a wide variety of profitable web-based solutions to manufacturers and distributors.

Have web promotion ideas in mind and just need help with the heavy lifting? We can provide as much support as you require. We can even do turn-key portal development for you and your clients.

It offers professional search engine marketing services, including search engine optimization, submission, pay-per-click and pay-for-placement campaign management, traffic analysis and more!

Wildly successful, proven turn-key e-commerce solutions for you and your clients. Custom solutions and new, low-cost, self-updateable online sales solutions for you and your clients.

An association of veteran, new, and aspiring business owners who meet monthly for networking, developing relationships, and learning in a professional, yet casual, environment. Based in Southeastern Wisconsin.

World-class WordPress web design, development, hosting and internet marketing services – primarily serving Wisconsin businesses.

There’s more… whether you need photo and video solutionsdirect email marketing with outstanding track-ability or full-service web design, production, programming, hosting and Internet marketing support, contact Keith Klein